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♥ brand new classy baby shoes


I just finished to kniw this fab little and oh-so-cute shoes and I'm really happy with how they turned out. I can't wait to see these little shoes on my little one. I knitted several shoes and booties so far and I've learnt a bit more about the knit world so I make my own pattern!!! Yes this is what my mind eleborated mixing loads of "knowledge" coming from reading and knitting loads of other shoes patterns.

Do you fancy it? Isn't it so classy and perfect to fit little feet? The ribbon is a pin for the mum to be and i'm going to give away these bows like a present for my baby shower. I've been knitting them n every colors, they look so fab.

Here you go to download for free the pattern.


  1. sooooo cute!!!! thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, I love the look of these shoes (found the pattern on ravelry) but I am not a very experienced knitter and I get confused when it comes to picking up stiches along the strap. When you say " pick up 12 sts along the LEFT side of strap (bottom to top): do you mean left side looking at the show from the front (toes twd you) or from the top (toes away from you).
    Many thanks for a quick reply - am on a tight knitting deadline - baby of a friend coming v soon and I'd love to get this done in time

  3. Same problem with the strap part! Would appreciate any help you can give me.
    p.s thanks for sharing!



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